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Narelle is an aspiring novelist with no prospects in life. After a reckless decision to party her troubles away, she's in an accident that results in a coma. During her sleep, she falls into a dream world where hundreds of other 'sleepers' from all over the globe live together in a fancy hotel. While Narelle tries to find an escape, she discovers more about herself, the other ‘sleepers’, and the dark secrets of this mysterious dreamscape. 


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Narelle Baker

Twenty-seven year old aspiring writer who isn't

sure how to turn her passion into a career.

She is a diligent worker, and cares for others, but 

is easily demotivated when she hits a creative wall. Her boyfriend and small circle of friends

have a hard time relating to her creative struggle,

and because of this, Narelle feels stuck and



A successful horror/mystery author whom Narelle meets early on. It's not known how he

ended up in the Paracosm, but what's certain is he is battling demons of his own.



The first person Narelle meets in the Paracosm:

A kid both in body and heart - he is full of energy and life. Haruki lives each day to the fullest

and is always trying to have fun and enjoy his time. This is mostly due to the fact that outside

of the dream realm, Haruki has a disability that

prevents him from enjoying life like everyone else.


The manager of guest services at the Hotel Lunetta inside the Paracosm.

She is bright, peppy, and kind towards everyone.

Krona is the only hotel staff member to really

care about any of the residents on a personal

level, especially Narelle.

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