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   Narelle is an aspiring novelist, but isn't confident in her work. She has a nice place with her workaholic boyfriend, a dog, and a pretty cool job at a book store, but something still feels off about her life. She feels lost and uninspired.

   After a reckless decision to party her troubles away, she's in an accident that results in a coma. During her coma, she falls into a dream world where hundreds of ‘sleepers’ from all over the globe live together in a fancy hotel. Every person in this dream world are either in a coma themselves, or sleeping extremely deeply.

   Here she meets Leif, a successful author that she admires - turned alcoholic, and a young kid named Haruki, who, in the real world has a disability, but in the dream world is perfectly healthy.

   While Narelle tries to find an escape from this fantasy, she discovers more about herself, the other ‘sleepers’, and the dark secrets of this mysterious dreamscape.

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An anthology of short horror comics
coming soon!



Horror Graphic Novel. To be announced in 2021.


A clothing store worker is having difficulty sleeping. She begins to see and hear strange phenomena around her. As her sleep deprivation increases, so does her paranoia and stress. What could be causing these horrible manifestations? Why doesn’t anyone else seem to notice? And why do her teeth hurt so much?