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Terms of Service

Thank you for your interest in commissioning me!

Please read the following carefully and only hire me if you agree to these terms.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


• I reserve the right to decline any work if I find it outside of my ability to complete to the highest standard.
• I retain copyright to the commissioned artwork unless discussed otherwise and copyright is transferred.
• I reserve the right to use, publish, livestream and record the commissioned artwork/process to share and promote on social media unless discussed otherwise.
• If commissioned for fan art of an existing series or franchise, I reserve the right to sell the artwork at any given point, such as prints or in art books (transfer of rights not applicable to fan art).




• Unless discussed otherwise, the client agrees that this is strictly for personal use and does not have the right to reproduce the artwork for any profit whatsoever.
• The client owns the right to use the commissioned artwork as they like (posting, printing, using on stream or as an avatar/banner, etc.) as long as proper credit is given to me as the artist and no profit is made.
• If the client intends to use the commissioned artwork for commercial use (to make monetary gains), this MUST be disclosed at the start of the commission process as the transfer of rights must be purchased and will affect the total cost.
• The rights may be transferred via a commercial fee of 300% of the original commission cost, in addition to the original cost.




• Payments will be made with Paypal in USD.
• Payments will be made up front before work on the commission begins. Any commissions $200 or less must be paid in full before the initial sketch phase has begun. Larger commissions exceeding $200+ may be split up upon discussion. 
• Payments will be initiated via an invoice sent to the client by myself.



• If the client is interested in seeing previews (work-in-progress/WIPS) and giving feedback during my working process, the client may request up to three WIPS before additional fees will apply. This must be discussed before work begins. I will always provide an initial rough sketch free-of-charge that does not count towards the three WIPS requests. The purpose of the sketch is to get the character pose and overall direction of the piece.

• After the initial sketch has been approved and the next stage of work begins, no more changes can be made to the previous stage (Sketch > Line work > Coloring > Final details) For example, If I have already begun coloring a piece and the client wants to make a change to the color, that is allowed, however, if they want to make a change to the pose after already beginning the coloring stage, that is not allowed.


  • Original Characters

  • Fan art

  • Pinups

  • NSFW (details of limitations can be discussed in private)

  • Animals

  • Anthropomorphic / Furry

  • Fantasy, RPG, horror genres

  • Monsters or mythical beasts

Will NOT Draw

  • Real life photos or photo realism

  • Family portraits or pets in a realistic style

  • Graphic design or logo design

  • Sexualized gore, pedophilia or any fetishes teetering on illegal (any NSFW limitation details can be discussed in private)

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